The Alphorn – tracing its natural tones in the realm of the Dolomites

Mountains and nature, Alphorn blowers, hospitality and cordiality are the ingredients for the most beautiful and musical holiday for friends of the Alphorn

A traditional mountain instrument

The alphorn is one of the oldest and most unusual instruments in alpine music. Wherever it sounds, people listen carefully spellbound to its pleasant, full and mystical sound. In the course of its history the alphorn almost became completely silent as the instrument of shepherds. In 1980 Urban Rier brought it to South Tyrol and since then it has been heard again on our alpine meadows.

For a long time the alphorn was a tool for shepherds and served as a means of communication from alp to alp and with people in the valley. It is possible to make harmonious music with this simple wooden instrument, made from a piece of hollowed-out wood. The natural sounds awaken feelings of attachment to the homeland. In spite of its simplicity, the alphorn is a challenging and expressive instrument. It imparts feelings of joy and expresses calm and peace. Admittedly the alphorn has more or less lost its original function in the mountains. Instead, it has now won the hearts of listeners as a musical instrument.

For this reason four alphorn music enthusiasts, Urban Rier, Anton Fill, Martin Silbernagel and Peter Sattler have joined together to form the group “Alphornbläser Seiser Alm”. They have been playing the alphorn now on special occasions for more than 35 years. They have also made TV appearances in Rome and concert tours across Japan. Alphorn music is in demand wherever alpine music is played, for instance folk music gatherings or at merry occasions and festivals.

The Alphornbläser Seiser Alm are also happy to play at family occasions, such as weddings and birthdays. The alphorn blowers also make an unforgettable impression at official occasions such as opening ceremonies, tributes, publicity tours with tourism associations, Christmas fairs and much more.

The alphorn blower group "Seiser Alm"

Our group "Alphornbläser Seiser Alm" was founded in 1980 and from that moment on we have played regularly on the Alpe di Siusi for guests, at folk music events, musical evenings and mountain festivals, weddings and birthdays, opening ceremonies and concerts, religious occasions and on promotional tours with tourism associations. We have also already made television appearances in Rome and were twice on concert tours through Japan.

Young and old enjoy the simple and pleasant sounds of this wooden instrument that can incluence the minds of people in a positive way.

Our alphorns measure 3.70 metres and are tuned in G.

If you would like us to play also for you, please contact us at

Urban Rier
Misalt avenue 5 - 39040 Castelrotto
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cell. +39 335 705 95 61

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